MSRP: $36,900



Complete machine parameters
Bucket capacity 0.8 YARD
Tread Width 74”
Max Dumping Height 8.2″
Max Grade-Ability 24
Operating Weight 6500lbs
Rated Load 2000lbs
Wheelbase 6.9′
Max Dumping Reach 2.3′
Min. Turning Radius 11.2′
Dimension L13.7’xW5.2’xH8.4
Model Xinchai 51HP/2200RPM
Rated Power/Speed YANMAR 50HP/2200RPM
Cummins 51HP/2200RPM (+$6500)
Pattern Inline, Water-Cooled, 4 Stroke,

Direct Injection 

Torque Converter and Transmission System
Model Of Torque Converter
Hydrostatic Foward 2 Gears Reverse 2 Gears
Tire Size 20.5-16 Transverse Pattern
Width 13”
Diameter 28″
Steering System
Pattern Fixed Front, Oscillating Rear Axle
Brake System
Brake Air Assisted Oil Disc On Four Wheel
1 Year Warranty